Summer Escapes Pools and Parts

During the summer months it is important to have a place where you can sit back and relax with the family.  Summer Escapes pools offer a wide selection of backyard pools that are very easy to install.  If you are looking for a pool that you and your family can appreciate for the hot summer months the summer escapes pool is right for you.

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There are a number of different sizes of pools that are available.  The depth of the Summer Escapes pools will range anywhere from 30 inches all the way to 48 inches.  This will help you determine what kind of pool is right for you.  If you have younger children it is probably better to choose the shallower pool to ensure you don’t have any problems when they are in the water.

Summer Escapes Quick Set Ring Pool

A popular Summer Escapes pool for families with younger children is the quick set ring pool. These pools range from 30 to 42 inches in depth and are very easy to install. All you have to do is inflate the top ring of the pool and it will start to fill up when the water rises.  This ensures you don’t have to deal with connecting any pieces together when you are installing the pool.

These pools are designed to be very durable and can be installed in under 15 minutes. Because the walls are made from three separate layers of materials, you can be sure that they are built to last. There is an easy drain plug that can be connected to your garden hose to allow the water to be drained fast.

Summer Escapes Round Pool

People who are looking to find a larger pool can look into the Summer Escapes round pool offerings. Although these pools require more time to setup than the quick set ring pools, they are built to withstand more force. The larger size of the round pool makes them the optimal choice for larger families who are looking to put a pool in their backyard.

Because Summer Escapes has a selection of different pools that you can choose from, it is important that you look up different pools that are available.  Be sure to compare the different sizes of pools that are available to find something that will work for your family.

Summer Escapes Pool Parts

If you currently own an above ground pool there is a good chance that you will probably need to get replacement pool parts for your pool. The most common replacement part of above ground pools that people often look for are the pool filter pumps that drain the water.

If you are noticing that your pool water is getting more difficult to clean after a few summers, you probably need to consider replacing the pool pump. The purpose of the pool pump is to filter the water through and clean any debris that is inside the water. If your pump is not working at optimal speed, this filtration system will be a lot more difficult.

There are a number of other types of pool parts that you might need for your pool such as a wall fitter, conversion hose, pool plug, or even pool vacuum debris bag. Whatever type of replacement parts you are looking for, it is important that you find the exact model that you are looking for.

Other Factors To Consider

Before you decide to install the Summer Escapes pool it is important for you to choose a location that is level.  Failing to find a level area to install the pool can lead to problems later on.  Always be sure to get assistance if you don’t know how to properly level the surface area of the ground.

Proper pool installation is key to keep your pool over the summer. You don’t want to put yourself in a situation where you have uneven pool part that is putting more pressure on one of your pool walls. This can lead to problems if you have enough force being pushed to one side. Read the manual and ensure that you properly setup the pool before using it.

When you purchase an above ground pool it is important for you to learn how to do pool maintenance.  Maintenance is an essential part of owning a pool because it will ensure that your pool water is always clean.  If you forget to regularly clean your pool you will notice a lot of dirt and algae build up in the water.

If you are keen on purchasing a Summer Escapes pool it is important that you look at the different products that are available.  Product reviews are an excellent way to gauge the overall quality of a particular product.  You can also look at the product descriptions and see which one is right for you.


  1. KATHY YAUK says


  2. Carol Sutton says

    Do you know where I can find a liner for a 15′ by 48″ summer escapes pool. I bought the pool last year at Walmart and liked it but the liner was destroyed by a huge sandstorm. Thanks for your help.

  3. margaret barnhart says

    I’m needing replacement parts for my summer escapes that I purchased from Sams club end of last year. The leg caps are damaged after we took the pool down for the season we noticed 8 of them were either broken or had splits in them. The part number is 10984. Can you help me out and let me know where i can get these replaced.

  4. Mike Peck says

    To whom it may concern,
    My family bought one of the Summer Escapes 14′ x 42″ ring quick set swimming pools a few seasons back at one of our local retailers. Last summer a hail storm finally did the float ring and hoses in. How do we go about getting just the pool, hoses and the round plastic inlet/outlets with rubber gaskets and plugs? I replaced the pump motor last summer going up a size from the standard motor and really don’t want to spend the money to replace everything again as we still have all of our equipment.
    I located the parts order form that came with it and it has an address of:
    3321 E. Princess Anne Rd
    Norfolk, VA 23502
    Problem is the manual says to call the parts department for replacement.
    The “sand ring” in the lawn is looking pretty lonely without a pool on it and it is getting hot in cleveland (isn’t that a tv show lol) already.
    Thank you very much for your time,
    Michael J Peck
    Cleveland OH

  5. Barbara Boone says

    We have an 15 by 42 summer escape above ground pool. we have lost instructions on installing the pool due to the fact that we lost it moving, How can i receive another copy to install our pool?

  6. Jeremy Carr says

    I recently purchased the 12′ x 36” pool model number M-P20-1236-E. For the past few days after running the pump for couple hours it starts to make a loud noise, when I go to look in the skimmer I notice that there is no suction taking place, however the pump is running. Any thoughts or ideas as to why this could be happening? Thanks for your time in this matter.

  7. Jeff Altmire says

    I need to order a repalcement pump for a 12′ X36″ pool. The number on the side of the pool is WMP 201239E-0111. Can someone tell me the part number of the pump that I need to order and where I can order it from?


  8. Dianne Clanton says

    I bought my grandkids the 10 x 30 pool but can’t keep up with the maintainence. I’d like to switch to a salt water filter. Do you have any or do you know which ones might work with the Summer Escapes pools?


  9. Tom Norman says

    We just purchased a Summer Escapes 15 foot x 52″ ring type pool from a Zeller’s store in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada.
    After we filled it, we found a leak in one of the seam joints on the side, near the base of the pool. There is a small repair kit with it, but I doubt it will work on this wet leak. We live in a place where we have to pay for water usage and I’m not happy about using over 4400 gallons of water only to have it leak from this brand new product.
    Is there any kind of warranty or compensation for this problem?
    Is there a way to repair it without fully draining it? That’s alot of water to waste!!


  10. sheril osborne says

    I purchase the summer escape pool about 2 weeks ago and the pump has stop working, will you replace it because it has not been thirty days. If you have any questions you can reach me at this number.(504)366-9444.

  11. Maria says

    I have to say, I made a huge mistake this year when I purchased a Summer Escapes pool. After not even 3 months the pump quit, the only place to get a pump is order it from Summer Escapes dealer. It was under warranty and after being on hold for a minimum of 25 minutes from “the high volume of calls they’re having” because their product is poor quality, they agreed to send another pump. They said they will email when it’s being shipped. Guess what, yesterday made 2 weeks ago I called them the first time and no email yet!!!!! This is the first and last Summer Escapes pool I will ever buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone is considering buying a pool make sure to get Intex or any other brand other than Summer Escapes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t waste your money their pool is a HUGE HEADACHE!!!!!!!!

  12. Candi Fox says

    I bought a 12 by 36 in pool from Walmart in may of this year. My pump just stopped working today. I’ve tried everything. I can not find the receipt and I’m so frustrated. I bought for my 7 year old twins birthday and didn’t even get a full summers use. I need a new pump and feel you all should have to replace it. What do I need to do?

  13. Ann Pearrow says

    Our pool filter for our 10′ by 30″ round is not working. How can we get a replacement right away?

  14. Murray Kramer says

    I have a 15 x42 Summer Escape pool. It has a small hole in the side neer the bottom.

    I need to know if the patch that came with the unit workes under the water line. The patch is like a squar of plastic tape.

  15. Telena Godfrey says


    I put a 14 ft pool on layby at Target on the 22/06/2012 and picked it up on the 19/12/2012. I used my pool cover for the first time and it ripped on the plastic clips provided on the pool. I have tried to use the pool cover since and it has ripped throughout the whole cover, can you please advise me on what I can do to retrieve a new pool cover or do I need to go back to Target and get them to get a new cover for me? If you need a copy of the receipt I do haved that and can fax that that to you. I look forward to hearing from you to fix this problem.


    Telena Godfrey

  16. Becky says

    I would like to know if the summer escapes pool skimmer filter pump can be replaced with a regular sand pump filter?

  17. Adeline Fields says

    We purchased a Summer Escapes 17ft pool last summer from Sam’s Club here in Youngstown, OH. Our pool cover came apart early on so we decided to get a new one this year. We have gone to several stores(Sam’s Club, Walmart, Big Lots etc.) looking for a cover for a 17ft pool. We found that not only is there no cover but the 17ft pool is obsolete. Noone carries this size. We purchased a generic (15ft to 20ft) cover, but it does not fit well and I tried to see if I could find a better fitting cover online to no avail. Very disappointed that my somewhat new purchase is already out of date.

  18. Robert penland says

    I purchased one of your pools at the end of the 2012 season from my local K mart store, since it was so close to the end of the season my family and I decided to wait to put it up til now. This pool is nothing but a piece of poop! When we first got it together it had a slice in it next to the skimmer, I went out got a repair kit and patched it. After two days of filling it is now done and plugged it in and to my surprise the pump don’t work. I understand mishaps happen but damn 2 to happen with 1 product? Come on!

  19. says

    I am very disappointed in the Summer Escapes 16 x 48 pool my Mom purchased through Fingerhut. She bought it last year and we have had a couple problems with it. We had to replace the pump before summer was over last year Thank God it was under warranty. Now we have had to patch multiple holes on the seams and now it can’t be used to due a ft long seperation at the seam. She has not even paid this pool off with Fingerhut and can’t use it…

  20. SUSAN says

    i have a summer escape pool 3 years now the blow up ring around the pool is all dry rotted can i just buy the pool no later no pump i have all that size 18×48

  21. Marvelene Gross says

    I have a very nice pool vacuum and hose that I bought for our last above ground pool (Intex) and it worked just great on the pump system they had, however, it does not work on your system. Do you have a vacuum, other than the thing that was in the box…it does not clean the pool? I tried attaching it to the pump you have but there is not enough lip on it to hold the hose so that I can vacuum. The pump type is F1000C. The filter system is SFS1000. If you have a good vacuum and hose that would fit your system I would be most interested. Thank you.

  22. Brad hilario says

    My pump went on my 18 foot pool summer escape brand and I was wandering if the 1000 or 1500 is a better pump for that pool and they will both fit on that pool correct

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